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AAADM Certified Inspectors

Action Commercial has five
AAADM Certified Inspectors
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Door Repair and Maintenance Programs

 Glass Door Repair, Door Maintenance, Automatic Door RepairAction Commercial offers a comprehensive Door Maintenance Program! The proper maintenance of any commercial door is important so that you get the maximum life of your door. A proper maintenance program also prevents costly repairs, as well as prevents injuries to customers and employees.

Action Commercial offers service on all commercial doors including automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, storefronts doors, half inch glass doors, hollow metal doors, and revolving doors.

Action Commercial offers Planned Preventive Maintenance programs for all types of doors. On manual doors, we inspect for proper alignment and closer operation. For automatic doors, we offer American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers certified inspectors to ensure that the doors are operating at American National Standards Institute standards for safety and proper operation of the equipment. You have a large financial investment in your doors. By implementing regular maintenance, you  will increase the life of the door, reduce the risk of injury, and reduce costly repairs.

Door and Maintenance Services Provided by Action Commercial

  • Glass Door Repair, Door Maintenance, Automatic Door RepairService All Aluminum and Glass Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Wood Swing Doors, and Sliding Manual Doors Including Manual Revolving Doors.
  • Action Commercial Technicians Carry Most Replacement Parts to Service Doors in the Field on Their Trucks.
  • Action Commercial Can Add Functions Such as Power Assist Equipment that Meets the American Disabilities Act Approval Including Panic Bars, Magnetic Locks, Access Hardware, Key Pads, and Card Readers.
  • Action Commercial Can Convert a Weak, Flimsy Door into a Stronger, Sturdier Door Using a Continuous Hinge and a Heavy Duty Closer.

Planned Maintenance Programs

 Glass Door Repair, Door Maintenance, Automatic Door RepairHaving your automatic doors maintained on a regularly scheduled basis greatly reduces the chance of accident or injury. Action Commercial has been a leader at promoting commercial door maintenance by providing store and business owners a safety checklist for department heads or store managers. We strongly recommend that safety equipment be checked on a daily basis and Action Commercial will demonstrate how to check your equipment during the first Planned Maintenance call of the year.

Improper door speeds, dirty tracks, rollers, and guides cause premature flat spots on track rollers resulting in excess noise and vibration. Vibration is an enemy to automatic door electronic components. Having the doors properly wired, lubricated, riding on clean tracks, and operating on good track rollers will greatly increase the life of major automatic door components as well as the doors themselves.

Regular planned maintenance helps to eliminate downtime due to unsafe operation or malfunction by detecting potential trouble areas before they occur. All Action Commercial service trucks carry an inventory of parts for the brand of your door helping to reduce downtime.

First impressions on your customers are very important. You can promote a good image to your customers by having doors that operate safely without excess noise.

AAADM Certification

 AAADM Certification in an annual safety inspection by a Certified Inspector trained in the proper operation of all safety equipment to ensure the door is working as it was designed.

The AAADM Mission Statement

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers is a trade association of power operated automatic door manufacturers as defined and governed by American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association Article 156.10. The purpose of the Association is the promotion of product safety throughout the automatic door industry with uniformed programs for training and certification for installers and service technicians as well as inspection of installations.

Action Commercial has five AAADM certified inspectors on staff. 

To learn more about how Door Maintenance Programs can improve the life of your doors, reduce costly door repairs, and prevent injury to customers and employees, contact Action Commercial at 480-829-7628. We can also be reached through our Contact Us form with any Door Maintenance Program questions that you may have.